Trans ‘Vampire’ Woman Sexually Assaults Disabled Teen And Strangles Man With Cord


35-year-old Adam Hetke, a transgender woman who identifies as a vampire, has been found guilty of sexual assaulting a developmentally disabled girl. This comes as Hetke was already being investigated for a homicide.

Last week, Hetke, who is also known as “Sabrina,” was found guilty of first- degree sexual assault by threatening the use of a dangerous weapon and second-degree assault of a mentally ill victim in Wisconsin.

Hetke had already been noted to be a sex offender and was being looked at for a murder. Charges had only been filed once the attacker was accused of the sex assault.

In July 2021, Hetke met a 16-year-old girl who has cognitive disabilities. Afterwards, Hetke traveled to her residence and sexually assaulted her. A knife was used during the incident, as well.

The girl disclosed to authorities that Hetke “told her that he was a vampire.” He added that he would “bite her if she didn’t do what he wanted.”

Hetke had on a one-piece swimsuit beneath her attire and had a knife when confronted by authorities.

After being released from prison in 2020, Hetke was apprehended again for a first- degree intentional homicide. This was for the April 2021 death of 28-year-old Vydale Thompson-Moody.

Moody had been strangled with a cord inside a residence in Milwaukee.

Hetke told detectives that the young man had been ‘possessed by a demon,” and had started stabbing himself in the chest with tongs. Hetke added that Thompson wrapped a cord around his own neck and strangled himself.

“I killed him. God can’t bring him back, but I can because I’m the devil, ” Hetke is said to have told others.

The suspect was taken into custody within a day but wasn’t charged with an offense. Hetke was let go on an administrative release.

A witness came forward and said that Hetke stated prior to the killing that he wanted to kill Thompson-Moody because he had been disrespectful.

More witnesses later came forward and told investigators that after being freed from jail, Hetke went back to his residence and confessed to killing Thompson-Moody on purpose. However, it took 2 months for charges to be filed.

The homicide matter is set to go to trial in June, and a hearing is set for April 30.

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