Person Found Fatally Shot Inside Trunk Of Vehicle On Campus At Jackson State University


A person was discovered deceased at Jackson State University in Mississippi. The Hinds County coroner was seen loading a body in a SUV from the trunk of a car that was parked on campus. The person that died was said to be a young man who had been shot.

No manner or cause of death has been released at this time.

“…daughter just called and said they found a boy’s dead body in the trunk of another boy’s car on her college campus,” one parent tweeted.

The parent added that a student was apprehended although that hasn’t been confirmed. The victim hasn’t been named yet, and it hasn’t been validated whether he is a student at JSU or not.

Now, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and Jackson State University Campus Enforcement are looking into the matter as a homicide on the school’s grounds.

Campus police were notified of the discovery at about 8:30 a.m., on Friday, that was between Dixon Hall and Campbell College Suites.

“There is an ongoing investigation on campus and officials are on the scene in the Tiger World parking lot. There is no active threat, and the campus remains open,” a school email sent to students read.

No further information was released at this time.


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