Person Suffers Fatal Fall After Tumbling Down Into Engine Of Departing Passenger Jet


On Wednesday, a person died after falling into the spinning turbine blades of a departing passenger jet. This occurred at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, outside the hub’s terminal while a KLM flight was about to takeoff for Denmark.

The airline has not disclosed whether the victim was an airport worker, passenger, or someone else.

Reports indicate that passengers were taken off of the plane, and an investigation was opened.

The plane is said to be a short-haul Embraer jet which manages flights to other close by places like London.

An image online depicted the plane surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances, near the departure terminals.

Safety and security measures are routinely followed at Schiphol, and accidents are unusual at the busy airport, which saw about 5.5 million passengers last month alone.


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