Voletta Wallace, The Mother Of Notorious BIG, Wants To ‘Slap The Daylights’ Out Of Diddy

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Voletta Wallace, the mother of Notorious BIG, has some very important words for Sean “Diddy” Combs. She stated that she desires to ‘slap the daylights out of him.’ This comes following the shocking hotel footage that was released.

In early May, a 2016 security recording was released. It depicted 54-year-old Combs punching and kicking Cassie Ventura, his now former girlfriend. The incident had occurred at the InterContinental Hotel in LA. The video was released as Combs is facing sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and rape accusations.

“I’m sick to my stomach. I’m praying for Cassie and his mother. I don’t want to believe the things that I’ve heard. However, I’ve seen the hotel video. I pray that he apologizes to her,” 71-year-old Wallace stated.

In the video, Combs is observed wearing a towel as he runs after Ventura down the hallway. This was prior to attacking her close to the elevators. He then tried to drag her back down the hallway.

“I hope that I see Sean one day. And the only thing I want to do is slap the daylights out of him. You can quote me on that because I liked him. I didn’t want to believe all the awful things. But, I’m so ashamed and embarrassed,” Wallace added.

“He needs to apologize to his mother. I hope to God he sits her down and spills his guts and apologizes to her,” Wallace continued.

It has been reported that former workers of Bad Boy Records and other sources in the industry have stated that Biggie thought of Combs as a “corny executive.”

It was said that the late rapper had been planning to severe ties with the music label prior to his death in 1997. Combs had started Bad Boy Records in 1993 subsequent to being fired from Uptown Records because of problems with management.

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