Police Chase Ends In Deadly Crash Near Downtown Dallas


A chase that ended in a deadly crash early Thursday morning has several exit ramps closed in Dallas.

According to reports, the police chase started in Irving around 2 a.m. when an officer noticed the stolen vehicle and attempted to stop the driver.

The driver refused to stop and began speeding down I-35 southbound towards Dallas. The driver then took the Woodall Rodgers ramp without slowing down and went over the ramp crashing on I-35E near the Dallas North Tollway exit.

A deputy was injured and transported to an area hospital for minor injuries.

The driver in the stolen vehicle and three passengers were all pronounced dead at the scene.

Woodall Rodgers exit ramp is closed north and southbound as well as the Coventional exit ramp. Expect delays.

This investigation is still ongoing.


  1. Really? These punks were not making society better, just worse. Im sure if the stole your expensive vehicle you wouldn’t have such kind words. Hope the deputy recovers quicky.

    1. Asshole that my daughter best friends stfu and think before you speak next time you always have something negative to say and YES REALLY TF KIDS LOST THEIR LIVES AND YOURE WORRIED ABOUT A DAMN CAR

      1. your daughter’s best friend stole a car ( along with 3 other people ) and put multiple people’s lives in danger. he does always have something negative to say , but this time it’s the truth. you can choose to be mad at it if you want to , but it isn’t going anywhere whether you like it or not.

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