Police Department Investigating After Officer Found With OnlyFans Account

Courtesy: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Minneapolis Police Department is reviewing a matter of one of their officers being an OnlyFans model.

For a monthly subscription, the unidentified officer’s OnlyFans page can be seen. This includes explicit content like porn, private images, recordings, and more. As a police officer, she has been respected and honored for her work.

It now has to be determined if the officer is violating department guidelines and/or the Code of Ethics by managing an OnlyFans account. This policy basically states that officers have to keep their private lives as clean as possible. It also states that they must not engage in behavior that would discredit them or the department.

As of now, there is no indication that the officer identified herself as a police officer.

More information is expected to be revealed in the upcoming days.


  1. She’s likely paid more than being an officer, although I don’t condone such behavior but if she is a respected officer then I believe she should written up as a warning and decide if she wan

  2. Continued: she should make a choose which is it going to be Officer of the law or private fans only. #dontfirerepremandher

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