Police Have Arrested A Man In Connection To The Death Of Two Georgia Sisters Found Dead Under A Bridge With Plastic Bags Over Their Head


Georgia police arrested a man Tuesday afternoon in connection to the death of two sisters found dead under a bridge with a bag over their head. According to reports authorities arrested Desmond Lavonte Brown,28 at the Callier Forest Apartments on Dodd Boulevard around 2 p.m. Monday and ordered Brown to stay away from the vehicle while they executed a search warrant.
Brown reportedly entered the car anyway to remove an item and resisted orders from authorities and was taken into custody and charged with obstruction in connection to the case.
Vanita Richardson, 19, and Truvenia Campbell,30 were both found deceased under a bridge Friday by workers with plastic bags over their heads and shotgun shells beside their bodies.
Georgia Bureau of Investigations has been called in to assist local authorities and the agency indicated that a missing vehicle that the victims were spotted in earlier that day belonged to the victim Vanita Richardson. The investigation has shown that both Vanita Richardson and Truvenia Campbell were both in this vehicle during the evening hours of Tuesday, May 12, 2020.
This investigation is ongoing.

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