Police Investigating After 2 Women Say They Were Drugged At A Popular Dallas Restaurant

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An investigation is underway after two women claim to have been drugged at a popular Dallas restaurant/ night club.

On November 25 Breyanna Knox and Nakia Robertson, both 29, say they went to the Harlowe MXM located on the 2800 block of Main St for a girls night out.

The women claim that while they were standing in line a man working the door asked them “how bad they wanted to get in”. He then let them in and told them to make sure to show love at the bar.

The two women walked inside, went to the bar to order drinks, and that’s when they say the bartender began pouring them multiple shots. When the women tried to pay for their drinks he refused to take their payments.

So after a few shots the women claim they began to feel intoxicated and sick. Both women called friends to come pick them up and said they could tell something wasn’t right.

It was stated that Knox provided a toxicology report from the hospital that showed amphetamine was found in her system the night of the incident.

Both women have since hired attorneys and are asking other victims to contact the Glen Tucker Law Firm.

On Friday Harlowe MXM released a statement on their Instagram page saying:

“Since being notified Sunday, Nov. 26th, we have been diligently investigating these allegations made by Ms. Robertson and Ms. Knox. Our security company and management team have been interviewing staff and reviewing video to ascertain what happened that evening.
We have operated restaurants in Dallas for thirty years, and have never experienced a situation remotely resembling this. Harlowe MXM holds guest safety in the highest regard and that will never change.
We are fully committed to learning the truth along with Ms. Robertson and Ms. Knox. Our internal investigation is almost completed. To the extent we are able, we will assist law enforcement in helping them get to the bottom of what happened.”

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  1. Please be safe woman and trust no one, BYOB if you must or watch while your drinks are being made. P.S. sue the bar

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