Police Officer Who Shot and Killed 7-Month Pregnant Girlfriend is Indicted on Capital Murder


A former Huntsville police officer was indicted on capital murder after he allegedly shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend.

29-year-old David Michael McCoy, a then-police officer in Huntsville, was officially indicted on March 24 for the 2022 shooting death of Courtney Spraggins, 26.

According to court documents, McCoy shot Spraggins, who was 7 months pregnant with their child, inside a car at an apartment complex on January 7, 2022. He then called 911 and told the operator Spraggins had committed suicide and he did not know who she was.

Authorities were quickly able to determine McCoy was lying after photos of the couple together were found in Spraggins phone.

McCoy, whose unborn baby also died as a result of the shooting, is facing 3 capital murder charges. Prosecutors say they will be seeking the death penalty in court.


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