Pregnant Woman Shot By Walgreens Employee After Being Accused Of Stealing


On Wednesday evening, at about 8 p.m., a pregnant woman was shot at a Walgreens by an employee. This came after the woman is said to have stolen from the store, located in Nashville, Tennessee. Doctors were then forced to perform an emergency C-section to save the baby.

Reports indicate that the employee saw the 7 months pregnant woman stealing from the store, along with someone else. A confrontation then occurred, resulting in mace being sprayed and bullets flying.

The worker, identified as, 21 year old Mitarius Boyd, told authorities that he saw the two women put things in a big bag and store cart. They then exited the store and didn’t pay.

He then trailed behind them to the parking lot where he tried to talk to them. However, one of the women sprayed him with mace, he told police.

The man then took out a gun and fired several shots, striking the 34-year-old pregnant woman, identified as Travonsha Ferguson. He told authorities that he was worried that one of the women may have had a gun.

The women left the location, and the pregnant woman was dropped off at the hospital while her acquaintance drove away.

An emergency C-section was performed on the shooting victim, and her baby was delivered safely.

The victim and baby are in stable condition, and an investigation is on-going.

No apprehensions have been made in the matter.


  1. Now why did he shoot that pregnant lady in behind Walgreens merchandise🤔 they have insurance on that stuff if it was me he’d be locked tf up

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