Rapper Da Brat And Wife Choose White Sperm Donor


Rapper Da Brat and her spouse, Jessica Dupart, chose a white sperm donor in order to have their first child. Now, they have expressed their rationale.

“We didn’t have a lot to choose from. He definitely wasn’t Black,” Brat reported.

The pair wed in February 2022 and stated that they began the process with a few thousand donors. Then, some were not chosen because of Dupart’s genetic screening. That resulted in 300 possible donors in which only one was Black.

Brat expressed that the man resembled “Jiminy Cricket.” She added, “I was like, ‘I’m sorry but that wasn’t gonna be my choice.'”

The rapper said that although there weren’t enough acceptable donors for them, she believes that Dupart made the right choice.

“I think we did a great job with picking. He’s handsome. He’s tall, and I think he’s going to look beautiful with my wife’s egg,” she said.

“Black men make up less than 5% of the donation pool,” wrote Dupart after the couple received backlash with people believing that the didn’t desire a Black child.

“We actually waited a few weeks to see if the pool increased. But, unfortunately, with the time frame we had to choose within 6-8 weeks, and there was no more new black donors that fit within the perfect fit with my genetic testing,” she concluded.


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