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Rick Ross Finally Sentenced For His Assault and Kidnapping


Well everyone remembers back in 2015 when Rick Ross caught that aggravated assault and kidnapping charge from two of his former employees alleging Ross and his bodyguard pistol whipped them.
Evidentially Ross had a couple of groundskeepers that lived on his property and they threw a birthday party without  Ross’s permission while he was away and when him and his bodyguard arrived home they were highly upset and reacted by holding them hostage  in the guesthouse and pistol whooping them. One of the victims said Ross beat him so badly that he chipped his tooth and damaged his jaw to where he was restricted to soft foods and a liquid diet.
On Tuesday Ross and his bodyguard plead no contest to misdemeanor kidnapping and assault charges. They both received 5 years probation with stipulations that he complete some anger management classes and so forth. Ross escaped jail time and because this is his first felony offense he will pay a $10,000 fine and the conviction will be erased from his record.


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