Ring Video Shows Woman Pulling Wagon With A Deceased 6 Year Old In A Bucket


Girlfriend Charged After Killing Boyfriend’s Young Daughter, Leaving Her Body On Mother’s Front Yard

43-year-old Hannah Landon was apprehended on Thursday for first-degree murder and obstruction of justice charges. This was after a 6-year-old girl was discovered deceased in a 12-gallon bucket on the front yard of the young girl’s mother’s residence.

The child has been named as Bella Fontenelle, who was only in kindergarten, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Authorities stated that Landon, aka Bunnak Lim or Bunnak Landon, is the mate of the child’s father.

They added that on Wednesday morning, close to 7:30 a.m., the child’s father couldn’t locate Bella after waking up, so he called police.

After arriving to the man’s home and then traveling to the home of Bella’s mother, authorities found Bella’s body in the bucket usually used for pool chlorine.

Initial autopsy results reveal that Bella’s cause of death was manual strangulation along with blunt force injuries to the head.

Authorities think that Landon killed the child prior to checking herself in a local medical facility. She was apprehended a little after a judge decided to hold her without bail. If she is found guilty, Landon could receive the death penalty.

An investigation into the matter is continuing.



  1. This is so F***ing sad. She needs to be given the death penalty. What could that child do so bad for you to take her life? Nothing!! The same stuff these people do to kill these kids should be done upon them so they can feel the pain that person had to take from somebody that was suppose to love and care for them. People need to know the people there dealing with before inviting them to deal with there children. It’s so sad and then she’s trying to play the role of crazy which by the way she went about it tells us enough. If she was having problems with the father take it up with him don’t punish him by taking his child that wasn’t even yours. Now this mother and father has to grieve there child because maybe you felt some kinda way. Prayers to this mother and father has they go through this difficult time in there lives to have to bury there daughter. May you fight to get justice for your baby girl it want bring her back but your know this woman want see the light of day outside those prison doors. May God keep and guide you in this difficult time.

  2. Be very careful of who you choose to be around your children, everybody that says they love you may not love your seeds. Do unto her what she did unto that baby!

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