San Antonio Woman Arrested After Firing Multiple Shots At McDonalds Employees In The Drive Thru


A woman from San Antonio has been identified and arrested after she fired multiple rounds into a McDonald’s drive thru window last year.

According to reports 32 year old Samantha Anthony was arrested for a warrant stemming back to December of 2023.

Anthony went to a McDonald’s drive thru and when they forgot to put her hash brown and biscuit inside the bag she became very upset.

She then drove back thru the drive thru and began yelling at the employees. Moments later Anthony pulled out a handgun and fired eight shots thru the window.

All of the employees and customers took cover and no one was injured. Anthony fled the scene before officers could arrive.

After further investigating officers were able to identify Anthony as the driver of the gold 2011 Cadillac sport utility vehicle by her license plate and tattoos.

Anthony was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond is set at $75,000.

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