Self-Proclaimed Relationship Expert Lists Reasons Why A Husband May Not Want To Have Sex With His Wife

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A self-proclaimed life and relationship expert, LaVar Warden, has shared on social media reasons why he believes a woman’s husband may not want to have sex with her.

He first states that women must check their attitude. “No matter how sexy you are or dress, if you have a bad attitude, your husband will struggle to desire you.”

He then notes that women must check their husband’s stress levels. “Sex starts in the mind. When a man is mentally drained, his penis will struggle to erect,” Warden said on his Facebook post.

Then, women must ensure that their hygiene is in order. “If you don’t keep clean or take showers, he might find it difficult to do more than just penetration.”

Checking to see your husband’s connection to porn is also important, he states. If a man is addicted to it, his mate will be in ‘competition with the fantasies in his mind.’

Next, a woman’s tone is important to her spouse. “If he won’t enjoy your presence, then he won’t desire you.”

Being aware of responses to their husband’s advances, not honoring other men more than him, and his treatment in public and private are all other factors to consider. If these components aren’t in check, Warden believes there will be issues in the marital bedroom.

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