Seven People, Including A Child, Are Killed After Gunmen Shoot Up A Resort In Mexico


On Saturday, gunmen went inside of a resort in central Mexico, where there were people vacationing. Then, seven people were killed. This includes three women, three men, and a 7-year-old.

The shooting occurred around 4:30 p.m., close to a pool, at the La Palma resort in Cotazar. This is a small city, near Guanajuato.

Recordings of the aftermath shows people in disbelief and stacking up the dead bodies by the pool.

Officials noted that after the assailants stopped shooting, they destroyed the resort spa store and dismantled the cameras that captured the occurrence.

After the suspects had left the location, Mexican officials used helicopters to look for them.

Although rival gangs have had problems previously in the city, no suspects or motive is known.

An investigation is continuing.


  1. Damnnn no more Mexico vacations for me…. You’re doing wayyy 2 much in Mexico. There goes your tourist dollars

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