Video: Dallas Kimball Staff Member Arrested For Assaulting A Student


An investigation is underway after a staff member at Justin F. Kimball high school was arrested, by DISD police, for assaulting a student. Due to the nature of the allegations no further information has been released at the time. The school district takes offenses like this seriously and are cooperating with officials.

A Smash Team member reached out to a reliable source that says the employee was defending himself.


  1. Well if these kids want to step up and hit these teachers, then these teachers need to defend themselves these kids want to act like grown folks then they need to get their ass beat enough is enough of this BS

  2. I rewind this video if you slow the video down it. Do not look like the teacher actually connected. Maybe i’m not looking at it right

  3. Well these kids are so out of control i see all the time students attacking teachers in their vlass room folks are getting tired of these disrespectful kids jumping on them nack in the day we would have never thought of hitting a teacher.

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