Video: Mesquite Substitute Teacher Facing Criminal Charges After Promoting Slap Boxing In The Classroom


A Mesquite substitute teacher has been terminated and is now facing criminal charges after she was seen on video encouraging students to fight.

According to reports, 24 year old Natally Garcia was a substitute teacher at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite.

Apparently, last Wednesday Garcia was seen on camera urging students to fight in her classroom. She was even heard telling her students that if she caught any of them video recording that she would take their phone.

Garcia was also seen standing around watching the students hit each other multiple times before asking “who’s next”.

Although there were no serious injuries to the students, authorities reviewed the footage and said Garcia placed them in danger.

She was fired Thursday and Mesquite ISD contacted the parents of all students involved Thursday.

On Monday Garcia turned herself into Dallas police and is now facing four counts of endangering a child.


  1. She’s horrible! Her whole mindset is off, the fact you’re telling kids to fight each other verses teaching them. Mesquite is a horrible school district and I can’t express this enough. Parents now see whom they hire to be around our kids, smh

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