Video: Siblings are concerned after their mother’s home was burglarized in the Oak Cliff area off Sunnyvale & Ledbetter


Siblings are concerned after their mother’s home was burglarized. Police are investigating. This is happening off Sunnyvale & Ledbetter area in Oak Cliff.


  1. Sadly its nothing new for the area. 7-11 even closed down because of theft at that intersection area. DPD needs to crack down on all the vagrants hanging out over there. Its not even safe for people to go to the corner store there, let alone live there with out a security system and bars on their doors and windows.

  2. If they go back to old school law punishments! You get caught stealing cut your hand off! Killing-hang them for it! Child molestation-cut thier private parts off. Stiff punishment needs to come back! Two chances and then off with thier hands etc… ! Ppl will stop that shit.

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