Single Mom’s Bank Account Is Overdrawn After Child Used $897 On Roblox


Kayla Howard is a single mom who is doing her best to support her four children.

“It’s been a struggle. It’s been a challenge,” Howard stated.

Technology is one factor that has eased some of the burden.

The children’s favorite app is Roblox, a well-known online platform where users can create and play games. They can also make a purchase to upgrade their character or purchase more games.

However, now this source of fun has become a problem for the mother.

On Saturday, Kayla received a call from her bank as her son was using the app. Kayla’s account had been overdrawn after multiple charges from Roblox equaled $897.

She had been saving money for presents, decorations, and rent, but then, the money was all gone just a week prior to Christmas.

Immediately, Kayla contacted Google Play and Roblox. Google only sent her $10 back, and she is still waiting to hear back from Roblox after filing a claim.

A representative noted that they review and refund unauthorized purchases as a case-by-case situation.

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