Six Flags to Raise Admission Fee Due to Parks Becoming a “Teenage Daycare”


Six Flags plans on raising admission prices in hopes of controlling rowdy teenagers from roaming the park unattended.

According to Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul, the theme park has turned into a “daycare center for teenagers”.

Bassoul, who recently took over the role of CEO in November, is determined to change the atmosphere of the parks by attracting customers of families with small children. The CEO is also set on catering to a wealthier audience.

“We’re going to, what I call, more affluent neighborhoods where we would like to bring people from those neighborhoods to come to our park who have not been targeted before,” Bassoul said.

Six Flags believes these changes in advertisement will bring in the guests “who are willing to come and spend the money”.

It’s unclear what the admission price will be raised to at this time, however, the changes are expected to take place this fall.



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