Social Media Influencer Fatally Shot By Husband In Front Of Their Daughter Before He Turns Gun On Himself

Courtesy: Theresa Cachuela via Instagram

33-year-old Theresa Cachuela, a social media influencer and beauty entrepreneur, was shot in the head and killed in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was done right in front of her 8-year-old daughter.

The suspect in the case is said to be Cachuela’s estranged husband, 44-year-old Jason Cachuela.

The shooting happened on Friday morning, in a parking lot at Pealridge Center. Her daughter had witnessed her mother, who had three children and owned House of Glam Hawaii LLC, being shot. Additionally, the girl disclosed to authorities that her dad had shot her mom.

Jason is said to have fatally shot himself as he was leaving the area in a gray Mazda.

Authorities are reviewing the matter as a murder-suicide. The killings came about subsequent to a judge granting Theresa a protective order against her estranged husband two weeks ago.

When the temporary restraining order had been served to Jason, he was found with five registered guns. Because there was a TRO in place, the killing has been categorized as first-degree murder.

Theresa had told family members that she had gotten the TRO because her husband had been abusing, harassing, and stalking her, they said. She had also just filed for divorce. However, Jason wouldn’t let her go, relatives added.

Days prior to the killing, Jason is said to have threatened to commit suicide several times. Additionally, he was only allowed to see Theresa, his wife of 10 years, for child custody purposes as the two had made an agreement.

However, Jason’s lawyer says that the TRO was only put in place to prevent him from killing himself and that he had planned for a psychologicical evaluation prior to the couple coming to terms with the guidelines of the TRO.

Now, Theresa’s family says that her killing could have been prevented if authorities had taken her cry for help more seriously. They say that police never apprehended Jason even though they were aware that he had guns and had warned he would kill her. Ultimately, they feel as though the system failed Theresa.


  1. My Heart goes out to the young child. Will she ever get over this? Very dought full. Im 62 and still cant seem to stop having horrible memories of my dad trying to kill my mom.

  2. if these men have told your time and time again that they will kill you or they can’t live without you pack your shit take your kids move keep it going and don’t look back

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