Suspect Arrested For Robbery, Attempted Murder Of 80-Year-Old Man


On Sunday, 28-year-old Armando Dangerfield was arrested after authorities had been looking for him on robbery and attempted murder charges.

Dangerfield was placed in custody in Mesa, Arizona, for offenses he committed on July 24 near a residence in Las Vegas.

Authorities say that a man was confronted by Dangerfield as they were parking their vehicle in the garage. The 80-year-old victim stated that he was in his garage when he suddenly fell to the ground after being hit in the head. The suspect is said to have demanded items from the victim or he would hurt him with an ice pick.

The suspect forced the elderly man into his home and stole a gun from the victim’s safe. At some point, the victim was able to get away.

A camera recording shows the victim running across a street as Dangerfield ran after him. The suspect tried to fire his weapon at the victim, but the gun wouldn’t discharge.

Dangerfield then ran to a car and left the location.

Documents show that Dangerfield was in jail in Maricopa County after being charged with robbery, assault, and fraud.


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