Sydney McLaughlin Sets World Record In 400 Meter Hurdles


Sydney McLaughlin is one of the world’s best hurdlers.

The 21 year-old has now broken a world record. On Wednesday, the New Jersey native won the 400-meter hurdles title. She completed it in 51.46 seconds, clearing 10 hurdles at 17 miles-per-hour.

Her top competitor was Delilah Muhammad who came in second. Their battle came down to the last seconds as Muhammad finished in 51.58 seconds.

After she won, McLaughlin sat on the ground, glanced at the scoreboard, saw the results, and went to the hand-sanitizing station. It was a quiet celebration, mostly because she was probably so exhausted. Muhammad then came over to embrace her.

“There’s no bad blood,” McLaughlin stated.

McLaughlin had already set a record against Muhammad in June at the Olympic Trials. Additionally, her time was better than Muhammad at the semi-finals round in Tokyo.

The women will compete again in the World championships next July.



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