Teacher Arrested After Students Find Meth In Her Hair Tie


A teacher was taken into custody and is no longer employed after authorities say that she brought methamphetamine to a family event at Helfrich Park STEM Academy, in Evansville, Indiana.

On the school’s website, Sarah Duncan had been named as an 8th grade instructor. She was apprehended on Wednesday afternoon and placed in the Vanderburgh County Jail.

The arrest came after authorities say that children at the Family Fun Night event discovered a blue scrunchie that Duncan had retrieved from her hair. The students disclosed to another teacher that they had expanded the scrunchie and discovered a glass vial with white powder and a cut straw inside.

That teacher instructed the students to throw the scrunchie and other items  away. Authorities say that the teacher went back to the trash and kept watch over it until police arrived to the location.

Documents note that custodians witnessed Duncan, worriedly looking for a hair tie.

After investigators performed a field test of the white powder in the vial, it was found to be methamphetamine.

Duncan was transported to a facility for a drug screening, but it was terminated. Documents show that the urine samples that were given weren’t the right temperature for testing. Additionally, an unauthorized container had fallen from Duncan’s shorts.

Duncan stated to investigators that she was looking for a hair tie, but it wasn’t the one that the children had found. She stated that her scrunchie was a different color.

Police say that a picture of Duncan was taken that evening, showing her wearing a blue scrunchie. It looked like the one that the children had located, they say.

The day that Duncan was arrested, she was fired from the school. She is facing drug charges, and her bond was set at $1,000.


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