DoorDash Driver, Following GPS, Drives Into Swamp While Attempting To Deliver Dunkin Donuts Order


While attempting to make a DoorDash delivery, the driver ended up with their vehicle underwater in Massachusetts.

On Friday morning, the driver contacted authorities seeking assistance as they were delivering Dunkin Donuts to a DoorDash customer. They stated that they had been followed the GPS when the system led them a body of water located inside of the woods.

The driver eventually got of the vehicle, with the Dunkin order, and went to a residence close by for assistance.

When police got to the home, the distressed driver disclosed that their car was underwater.

After officers found the car, it was towed away from the location.

The driver was taken to a medical facility for treatment. They are also being charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and a request of suspension of license was submitted.


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