Teen Accused Of Stabbing And Slitting Her Newborn Baby’s Throat


A 16-year-old girl was apprehended after being accused of cutting her newborn baby’s throat, killing it.

Last Monday, authorities in Nebraska received a call that a girl had given birth to a baby that wasn’t breathing.

When officers arrived to the scene, the child’s father informed them that they were too late. The baby had been stillborn.

As authorities entered the residence, they found the girl’s mother crying while holding the infant that was inside of a blanket.

Documents show that the mother stated repeatedly that the teen had harmed the baby. She added that the baby’s throat had been slit through the windpipe. It also had multiple stab wounds through its chest.

First responders attempted to help immediately.

The girl’s parents informed authorities that she had gone into the kitchen an hour prior to their arrival and had retrieved a boning knife from a drawer although they hadn’t seen her.

The mother stated that her daughter then told her that she had to go to a store to purchase pads because she was bleeding heavily.

A little while after that, the mother found blood all over the walls and floor of the girl’s bedroom.

Documents show that when the teen returned back, they had a dispute. The teen then confessed to her mother that she had killed the baby.

It was also discovered that the father had discovered the baby inside of an empty dog food bag and a trash bag. This had been found inside the teen’s closet that was hidden beneath clothes.The father then attempted to save the baby. He began CPR and contacted authorities.

Eventually, on Monday, the teen was taken to a hospital to undergo surgery. On Tuesday, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

She is now being held without bail but hasn’t been named because she is a minor.


  1. Oh this is so horrible and unbelievable how this happened this girl was mentally ill a sad story I’ve seen or read, very sad and horrible

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