Teen Rapper Mistakenly Fatally Shoots Himself on Live Video


A 17-year-old Virginia rapper passed away after accidentally shooting himself while filming a video on social media last week.

Suffolk Police responded to the scene of the incident at 10:11 p.m. last Wednesday. The victim, identified by family and friends as Raleigh Freeman III, otherwise known by his rap name Rylo Huncho, was transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.

In the footage captured at the time of his death, Rylo Huncho was singing and dancing while holding a pistol equipped with a green laser light.

Not paying attention, he deactivates the weapon’s safety and directs it towards his head. A single gunshot is heard and then his body collapses to the ground. The camera then falls to the ground immediately after.

The cause of death was ruled as suicide / accidental.

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