Texas Father Kills 2-Year-Old Daughter Following Argument With Her Mother


Deontray Flanagan, 25, was apprehended and is facing capital murder charges for killing his daughter.

Flanagan was placed in the Harris County Jail, in Texas, and his bond was set at $2 million.

Sources report that Flanagan went to get his daughter, 2-year-old Zevaya Flanagan, from daycare, on the morning of March 20. He then traveled to a Walmart where the girl’s mother was employed.

Following a short disagreement, Flanagan hit the woman, stole her cellphone, and exited the store with his daughter.

As Flanagan was driving and talking to relatives, they were able to track his whereabouts.

Authorities found Flanagan near Greens road as he began to drive away from them.

While pursuing him, authorities were contacted by the child’s grandmother who worked at the Walmart, as well. She had been FaceTiming Flanagan during the pursuit and told them that Flanagan was abusing his daughter as she was in the vehicle.

The child’s mother recalled seeing her daughter on Flanagan’s lap, attempting to breathe.

“He said, ‘This is what you made me do. All you care about is that man.’ I was telling him, ‘No. Stop. Please. This is your daughter. She loves you,’ and he’s still doing it.”

Eventually, Flanagan’s car stalled, and authorities were able to apprehend him.

After performing CPR on the child, she was airlifted to a medical facility where she later died. Reports indicate that the child had been hit with a hard object and choked.


  1. This is so sad.😢I hope where he’s going he’s hit with a hard object and choked. How can someone do this to anyone let alone his own child.

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