Texas High School Student Punished With In-School Suspension Over Locs Hairstyle

Courtesy: AP

On Tuesday, Darryl George was ordered to in-school suspension for not altering his hairstyle. The family calls the dress code guidelines discriminatory.

George was suspended for 13 days because his hair doesn’t follow the dress code when it is let down. This is according to documents written by Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, Texas. It had been his first day to return to school after a month of being at at a disciplinary program.

For over 80% of his junior year, 18-year-old George has been outside of his normal classroom.

In August, he was initially removed from the classroom after school officials said that he violated the dress code as his braided locs went below his eyes and ear lobes. However, his family states that this violates the CROWN Act. This Texas-implemented law bans hair discrimination. On the other hand, the school says that the CROWN Act doesn’t state anything about hair length.

School officials state that George went to the disciplinary program for violating the dress code and tardy policy, disrupting the in-school suspension room, and not following school directives. He was told that when the program was completed, if he hadn’t cut his hair, he would be sent to in-person suspension.

George’s family has filed a formal complaint with the Texas Education Agency and has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state’s governor, attorney general, and the school district.

Additionally, the school district has filed a lawsuit, requesting that a judge clarify whether its dress code guidelines, regarding student hair length for boys,  violate the CROWN Act.


  1. They should not make that young man cut his hair. Thats not fair at all. Females wear their hair long…. what’s the difference??

  2. Shsme just shame 🫠 many kids don’t even go to school on a regular basis and they have the goal to suspended him at least he’s coming and not a bad kid. For God sake give the young a break

  3. This school district and school board are made up of a group of racist individuals who are determined to make an example by using this student to make a statement to everyone in that school district. This is the year 2023 and you can visit just about any school district or college campus in this country and observe students wearing whatever hair styles they desire. Because most people try to use a degree of common sense. I don’t believe that this students hair style has anything to do with his intellectual skills.

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