Texas Man Fatally Shot While Attempting To Rob Food Truck


On Tuesday, at close to 1 p.m., a man was fatally shot as he attempted to hold up a food truck.

The incident occurred in southwest Houston, in the 14500 block of South Main Street.

Authorities say that the suspect had gone up to the truck to inquire about the type of food that was on the menu. As he attempted to rob them, the owner’s mother and uncle slammed the window shut immediately.

The suspect then opened the food truck’s window, and aimed his firearm inside, attempting to shoot; however, his weapon jammed.

The woman, who is licensed to carry, then retrieved her own firearm and shot it several times.

The suspect attempted to flee from the location but collapsed and died.

Later, the woman was transported to a medical facility for treatment for a panic attack. Authorities say that no charges will be filed as the killing has been identified as self-defense.


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