Video: Two teens carjacking a man not knowing how to drive a stick shift, later arrested


Two teens were arrested in Maryland after they tried to carjack a man and realized they didn’t know how to drive a stick shift.

The incident happened on March 28 around 4:30 p.m., when officers responded to a call about a carjacking at the Sunoco Gas Station on the 19200 block of Frederick Road.

Upon arrival the driver of the vehicle told officers that two teens approached him while he was inside his car, demanded the keys and then forcefully pulled him out.

The teens jumped into the car but realized it was a manual shift and could not get the car in drive. The teens then got out of the vehicle and took off running.

Montgomery County officers later located the teens on the 19000 block of Frederick Road. The teens tried to run but after a short chase they were arrested and taken into Montgomery County Central Processing Unit.

The two teens will be charged as adults for one count of carjacking and one count of conspiracy carjacking.

They are being held with no bond.


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