Texas Woman Arrested After Confessing To Killing 4 Year Old Son


A Texas woman has been charged with killing her 4 year old son and her mother has been charged with child endangerment.

The incident occurred on March 12, when the mother, Monica Figueroa, of 4 year old Grayson Figueroa allegedly stabbed her son to death.

It was said that Figueroa’s mother, Mary Johnson, walked into her home Sunday and saw her daughter on top of a blanket stabbing at it.

Johnson said she heard screaming for a moment and then it stopped. She then told police that her daughter instructed her to leave the residence or she would be next.

Johnson said she left and went back the next morning to find her grandson Grayson dead on the floor partially covered. She said she then called police.

Officers responded to the residence at 312 Mitchell Street in Athens on March 13 where they pronounced the boy decreased.

Figueroa was arrested and charged with capital murder. Her mother Mary Johnson was later arrested for child endangerment. Her bond is set at $250,000.

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