Texas Woman Pretends To Be DoorDash Delivery Driver During Attempted Burglary Of Home


Around 1:20 a.m., on March 5, several people attempted to break into a residence while acting like they were delivering food.

Now, authorities in Spring, Texas, are searching for the suspects.

Detectives say that a woman knocked on the door of a residence on Emerald Vista Dr., stating that she was a DoorDash delivery driver, carrying a bag of food.

While she was at the door, until about 2 a.m., four males went into the backyard and attempted to get inside. However, they weren’t able to gain entry.

Authorities have described the woman as having a big tattoo on her right thigh and another similar tattoo on her wrist.

The males in the backyard seemed to be wearing hoodies.

The five suspects were seen leaving the location in a dark-colored vehicle.


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