Third Suspect Arrested For Multiple Teen Overdoses In Carrollton


Referred to as a “bulk source” distributor of fentanyl, a third person has been apprehended in relation to multiple fatal overdoses in Carrollton, Texas.

22-year-old Jason Xavier Villanueva has been accused in connection to the overdoses in the Dallas suburb. Court records note that he is a “bulk source and distributor of ‘M30’ pills containing fentanyl.”

Earlier this month, Luis Eduardo Navarrete and Magaly Mejia Cano were apprehended in relation to the overdoses.

There have been 10 overdoses, 3 which were fatal, of R.L. Turner High School, Dewitt Perry Middle School, and Dan F. Long Middle School students since Sept. 18.

The drugs were distributed by eight dealers, ages 14-17, who attended Turner High School. They were sold to students through social media in order to make the deals.

Students who fell ill and survived assisted authorities in tracking down Villanueva, a former student of Turner High.



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