Third Woman Sues Diddy For Sexual Assault, Choking Her

Courtesy: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Reports have indicated that Diddy has been sued for the third time for an alleged sexual assault.

The new lawsuit was filed anonymously, by a Jane Doe, and states that Diddy and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall both alternated raping her and one of her friends in either 1990 or 1991.

Documents note that the woman and her friend met Diddy at a recording event where Diddy and Hall started flirting with them. He had also purchased drinks for them throughout the night.

The woman says that Diddy and Hall took the woman to Hall’s residence where she was provided with more alcohol and coerced into having sex with Diddy. She said she was very uncomfortable and as she was lying there, Hall entered the room, held her down, and raped her.

She added that her friend was raped by both Hall and Diddy.

The woman says that a few days following the incident, Diddy came to her home and was very angry. He then started to assault and choke her until she passed out. Diddy had been looking for Jane Doe’s friend because he was worried that she would disclose to his girlfriend at the time what he and Hall had done to them.

The lawsuit that was filed in New York expresses that the woman went to doctors and had informed her relatives and friends about what had occured.

Diddy’s rep hasn’t commented on the matter as of yet.


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