Toddler Dies From Severed Spine; Mom’s Ex Boyfriend Charged With Murder


Travis Ray Thompson, 25, was apprehended, on Thursday, in Ocala, Florida, on charges of first-degree murder while engaged in aggravated child abuse. The charges are in relation to the death of a toddler whose spine was totally severed.

Deputies say that they were contacted on May 3 by a hospital. Medical workers had reported a toddler who had come into the emergency room in critical condition. Despite life-saving measures, the girl died.

Authorities say that while investigating, they found that Thompson had physically abused the child while he was taking care of her. It resulted in her experiencing a severed spine.

Thompson said that he and the girl were in separate rooms when he heard a loud noise. He then found her to be unconscious and breathing extremely slowly.

Instead of calling authorities, he is accused of waiting 30 minutes for the child’s mother to get home. The pair began driving the child to the hospital when the mother found that the child was no longer breathing. The mother then told Thompson to call 911.

The medial examiner ruled that the toddler died from traumatic wounds to her torso with a severing of the spine. Her internal organs showed signs of bleeding behind them, as well. Detectives found that Thompson put a great amount of force to the child’s upper and lower body from the front with a fulcrum point on her lower back.

Thompson was placed in custody on Thursday and claims that he doesn’t have any knowledge of how or why the toddler was killed.

During the investigation, detectives learned that the girl’s mother had recently broken up with Thompson. She said that he was upset with her, and text messages also displayed his anger.

He is currently in the Marion County Jail and is being held without bond.


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