Tucker Carlson No Longer A Part Of FOX NEWS


Following FOX News’ huge nine-figure settlement of the Dominion Voting defamation matter, Tucker Carlson is no longer a part of the news station.

Although Carlson has helped the network increase its ratings, they announced that Friday was his last show; however, no further explanation was given.

Now, FOX will air “FOX News Tonight,” in the place of the primetime “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” program.

All of these changes come after FOX settled a $787.5 million matter involving Dominion Voting Systems. They had claimed that the network had no problem broadcasting misconceptions concerning their voting equipment as the 2020 election was carried out.

Carlson was a key person in the lawsuit. Text messages he sent were revealed as the discovery process ensued. In them, he is said to have criticized Donald Trump in private to co-workers.

It seems as though Carlson had no idea he wouldn’t be with the network anymore as his last phrase on Friday was, “We’ll be back on Monday.”


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