Family Friend Responsible For Death Of 9-Year-Old Boy During Attempted Robbery


A 9-year-old boy from the Bronx,  New York, was killed in a robbery-gone-wrong in the Dominican Republic.

Now, authorities have said that a family friend is responsible for planning the attempted robbery.

32-year-old Tomas Pena Morel and six other people have been linked to the killing.

Gioser Luis Felix was killed after being shot in the head. This was after he and his father, Sergio Felix, had left the Cibao International Airport in Santiago, starting their vacation in the Dominican Republic, on Wednesday.

The two had just arrived there from New York and were on their way to a family number’s residence when the incident occurred.

Authorities say that Morel, Sergio’s friend, was very familiar with the family and knew what route they would be traveling on. He also knew of Sergio’s plans while there.

“It was an attempt to rob me of my belongings without me knowing who it would be because it was my first time coming to Santiago,” the father noted.

The assailants, who were in a rented vehicle, are said to have trailed the family from the airport. They then shot at the victims’ vehicle when the driver wouldn’t pull over after passing through a toll booth.

Gioser was transported to a medical facility where he was declared deceased.

The assailants left the location but were captured less than a day later.

In addition to the other five men arrested, five women were also placed in custody in relation to the occurrence.


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