Two Males Fatally Shot In Garland During Attempted Burglary


Garland police are investigating a shooting that left two males dead early Saturday morning.

Officers responded to a shooting call at the Woodlands at the Preserve on the 4300 block of North Garland Avenue, around 2:30 a.m.

Upon their arrival they located two men. One of the males were on the inside of the apartment while the other was found outside near the same residence.

When emergency crews arrived they pronounced both males dead at the scene.

According to reports, the resident of the apartment told officers that the two males broke into the residence and opened fire. The resident told authorities that he then returned fire striking the male subjects.

At this time it is unclear if this was a targeted burglary. The two deceased males identity has not been released.

This investigating still remains ongoing.


  1. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Same thing would happen if someone tried to break into my house.

  2. So tired of the negative comments on these posts. Good grief. All that is uncalled for. Take a chill pill

  3. At the onset, one would say “case closed.,” But when you think about it, there seems to be something fishy.Yet, you will never know- this is not TV.

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