Two People Found Dead Inside Dallas Apartment; Two Young Children Found Alive Inside Unharmed


Dallas police are investigating after two people were found dead inside of an apartment.

Officers responded to a welfare check call on the 6000 block of Ridgecrest Road around noon Wednesday.

Upon arrival they found 27 year old David Stewart and 24 year old Jimena Nunez deceased inside from gunshot wound. They also found two children ages 3 years old and 8 months alive inside.

Authorities said they received a call Sunday from a neighbor regarding shots being fired at the apartment. When officers went to the home they knocked on the door but no one answered so they left.

When they came back to the apartment Wednesday and discovered the deceased couples body they also noticed their car missing.

At this time authorities have no suspect(s and are working to locate the missing vehicle.

This investigation remains ongoing at this time.


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