Two Teenagers Fatally Shoot A 13-Year-Old Boy For Allegedly Disrespecting Their Gang


Two Indiana teenagers were charged with murder for gunning down a 13-year-old boy who allegedly disrespected their gang earlier this year.

17-year-old Dahvee Bunson and Kriston Barbee were arrested last week for the February 15 shooting death of 13-year-old Orie Dodson.

Dodson, who was shot three times from behind, died in front of the entrance to Power & Lights Church. According to investigators, Bunson and Barbee were sent on behalf of the 49th Avenue Boys Gang to kill the 13-year-old for vengeance.

Detectives say a hit was put out on Dodson after he was accused of making fun of gang members and “throwing up” insulting gang signs.
He was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Bunson and Barbee face murder charges with firearm enhancement and criminal gang enhancement which could double their prison time if convicted.


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