Uber Eats Driver Killed, Dismembered While Making Food Delivery


30-year-old Oscar Solis Jr., of St. Petersburg, Florida, is facing murder charges and other charges for the killing and dismemberment of an Uber Eats driver. That driver had brought food to Solis’s home.

The incident is said to have happened as the delivery occurred last Wednesday in Holiday, Florida. The remains were discovered at the residence in trash bags and a cooler. That had a receipt in it with Solis’s name on it, as well.

Also, blood was located in several places throughout the residence and a key fob that was the victim’s was discovered on a dresser with his wallet. Additionally, the victim’s vehicle was located not too far from the home. Inside, blood-filled rags and towels, a DoorDash bag, and a time card with Solis’s name on it was found.

Detectives were also able to get a recording from the home that depicted the victim completing the delivery. Then, later, two men were seen transporting two trash bags outside.

Authorities had been notified by the victim’s wife after not returning home from the Uber Eats deliveries.

Uber informed detectives that the victim’s last location was Solis’s residence.


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