Unarmed Security Guard Killled at North Dallas Hotel


A 72 year old security guard was shot and killed outside a North Dallas hotel early Wednesday morning.
The shooting took place at Holiday Inn Express around 1am near 635 and Greenville Ave. Reports indicate that the unarmed security guard may have asked the suspect to leave the property and when he left he returned with a gun and shot the guard several times.
Witnesses say the heard the guard pleading for his life before being shot. The suspect Randal Ramon Terrell waited on police to arrive and was arrested and taken into custody.
The identity of the victim has not yet been released.


  1. Amazing how NRA has convinced so many people that a gun is a defensive weapon. It’s not it is designed for one purpose to shoot and possible kill people. It is no more defensive than a nuke is. Teachers are not cops. How many teachers would want to sign up to kill someone by mistake or even kill a child shooter or take the risk that a wild shot in a gun battle will kill or injure an innocent student? In case you haven’t noticed, even trained cops occasionally get in major trouble for shooting unarmed people. When this happens, their Departments will pay the legal costs of defending them or settling a civil suit even where the shooting was not clearly justified. Will schools do the same? I doubt it since shooting people is not really part of their job description and schools don’t have a multimillion dollar budget to deal with this kind of thing. Finally, if I’m a teacher with a Glock, no way I’m going up against a shooter with an AR 15 suicide aint my game. Don’t you remember seeing how a couple of bank robbers with AKs and body armor shot the shit out of the whole LA police Dept and sent them scrambling for better guns. This idea is idiocy.


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