Video: DPD Looking For The Murder Suspect From The Southwell Rd Shooting In Dallas


Dallas Police continue to ask for the public’s help to locate 24-year-old Jaedon Stallworth.

Stallworth is wanted on a Murder warrant for the April 2023 homicide of Javoski Dawson on Southwell Road.

The investigation has determined the night of the murder, Stallworth was involved in a fight with a woman at the scene.

The investigation determined the victim witnessed the argument, and the suspect and woman drove away from the apartments.

The woman walked back to the complex, and the victim offered the woman a phone to call 911.

The suspect returned to the complex in the vehicle.

Stallworth started arguing again with the woman, shooting the victim, then leaving the scene.


  1. Sounds like he was upset she was with the dude at the time . Even though she doesnt know him. Senseless

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