Video: Nardo Wick Apologizes After Fan Was Knocked Out By Rapper’s Entourage


A Nardo Wick fan was brutally attacked after requesting a picture with the rapper. The fan was placed in the hospital, and an investigation has begun.

Reports indicate that on Sunday night at Club Skye in Tampa, Florida, the fan attended the Nardo Wick concert and saw him leave the club at 1:15 a.m.

A recording captured the fan going up to Nardo and his team, seemingly asking for a photo. Then, out of nowhere, someone from Nardo’s team punched the 20-year-old fan, making his head hit a concrete wall.

The fan wasn’t able to move, and someone else from Nardo’s team punched the fan another time, leading to his head hitting the pavement.

Nardo, who was wearing a white shirt, was seen standing at the rear of an SUV, looking as if he attempted to get the guys to stop. However, he was unsuccessful.

Reportedly, the fan, named by family members as George Obregon Jr., was taken to a medical facility. He was treated for an extensive concussion and hemorrhaging.

Nardo issued a statement on the incident. He stated that he didn’t condone what happened and even tried to stop the men from attacking the fan. He added that he had reached out to the fan’s mother and was very angry about what happened.

Authorities have released images of two potential suspects, and an investigation is continuing.


  1. Please catch themmmm omg you can hear dude say we not trying to take no pictures then punches him. Thats deep ima sue the whole team you should teach your little surroundings how to behave and the second guy trash doing tooo much 😭

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