Video Reveals Detention Officer Behaving Inappropriately With Inmates


36-year-old Kawana Jenkins has been charged with improper sexual contact by employee or agent, violation of oath by a public officer, reckless conduct, cruelty to inmates, and more. This came after a forbidden relationship between her and a jail inmate was revealed.

At the end of January, a shakedown was conducted at the maximum security wing of the Fulton County Jail. Weapons and eleven cell phones were then recovered.

Detectives from the sheriff’s strike team, then reviewed those cell phones, and one of the devices depicted Jenkins sitting on an inmate’s lap, kissing him. She then is heard talking to and giving the inmate a pair of Cartier glasses.

After the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the findings, Jenkins was terminated and arrested.

Jenkins had worked for the sheriff’s office since 2019.


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