Video Shows: Bus Driver And Passenger In Shootout Following Dispute


On May 18, 22-year-old Omarri Tobias threatened to shoot a driver on a bus in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then, the driver retrieved a gun and shot Tobias. The two had been having a dispute regarding an unscheduled stop, a recording shows.

After that, Tobias shot the driver, David Fullard, back. Tobias then ran to the back of the bus as it came to a stop. Fullard then walked to the back of the bus, fired shots, and got off the bus from the front as he shot again.

Both men were transported to a medical facility where Tobias sustained life-threatening wounds. Fullard was released from the hospital and is healing at home.

Tobias has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injuries, communicating threats, and carrying a concealed firearm.

After the shooting, Fullard was fired from his job because he didn’t attempt to de-escalate the matter. However, his attorney stated that he feared for his life.

An investigation is continuing.


  1. He was protecting his self, who say the gun man would’ve killed the bus driver and also took the lives of the 2 passengers that was on the bus. The bus driver should be labeled a hreo he should’ve been fire I don’t care what kinda rules the bus company has on open carry if he would’ve bought his gun there may have been 3 lives taken away, why because he wanted the bus driver to make a unscheduled stop come on now people?? This man should be able to keep his job and the young man should be behind bars for a longtime. These people families could be planning there loved funeral but there not because of the actions of the bus driver they have something to celebrate and that’s still being here to be loved by there loved ones. Life is precious no matter the color we just all need to remember that!!

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