Video Shows Mesquite Jeweler In Shootout With Attempted Robbers


Mesquite police are searching for two men that attempted to rob the Instant Cash 4 Gold store last week.

On November 2 officers responded to a shooting/ robbery call on the 1100 block of Town East Blvd after the owner, 57 year old Tien Tran, reported being in a shootout.

Tran told officers that two unknown men, one masked the other unmasked, walked into his store and one of them pulled out a handgun. Tran then says he pulled out his gun and fired a warning shot. The suspects and Tran exchanged gunfire before the suspects fled the scene.

No injuries were reported.

Mesquite PD says the two men are facing aggravated robbery charges. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.


  1. They should look at older surveillance videos, I’m sure they have been in there to scope it out or someone close to them. They need to be off tge streets now

  2. TT – that wasnt no dayum warning shot bro bro, u was on it ! And then ready for all da smoke afterwards. This couldve ended so much worse, praying that justice is served and that this man never has to go threw anything like this again !

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