Video: What Were The Parents Thinking Letting Kids Hold A Gun At A Kids Party


What Were The Parents Thinking Letting Kids Hold A Gun At A Kids Party



    1. This family of idiots are responsible for themselves. No different from Jeffery Dahmer, or Manson aka Helter Skelter

  1. This is so unbelievable if these are the parents they should be in jail. I quess where this generation is going learning how to pull out a gun and shoot people this sh**t isn’t funny or cool. My grown kidskid’s bet never do this to my grandchildren i would woop that ass real old fashion is this what as a young generation teaching their children how awful shameful, God help them

  2. Lord I’m yet holding out for hooe and faith in you, we need you Lord and I cry out, the blood of the children are crying out just to have a decent future, one can clearly see there parents are without mind or conscious nor consequences.

  3. Hopefully it was an attempt to teach gun safety to the kids but they are doing a bad job with the magazine in it an the babies finger’s proximity to the trigger. Not the time or place to teach children about guns but all kids should learn the destruction weapons can cause. Take them to the gun range and let them witness the damages to a few items and explain guns are a necessity for our populations freedom not toys.

  4. That’s such a disgrace teaching these little kids holding a gun and money that’s so damn ghetto. Just let one of them pick up a gun that’s laying around and shoot one of their family member

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